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Tedaviyi takiben hastaların kas ve eklemlerinde oluşan sertliği ortadan kaldırmak ve hastanın eski haline dönmesi için medikal veya cerrahi tedavi gerektiren kas iskelet sistemi problemlerinde uygulanan rehabilitasyon tedavisini ifade eder.

Ortopedik Rehabilitasyon hangi rahatsızlıklarda yapılır?

• İltica tendiniti

• Yemek ve ayak bileği kırıkları



• Bankart lezyonları (Tekrarlayan Omuz Çıkıkları)

•Bel fıtığı

• Bel kayması

• Boyun fıtığı

• Cam bebek kemiği hastalığı

• Dar omurga kanalı sendromu (Spinalstenoz)

• De quervaintendinitis

• Dirsekte sinir sıkışması (Kubital tünel sendromu)

• Patella kırıkları

•Congenital Short Stature, nanism

•Frozen shoulder

•Posture and gait disorders

•Flat foot (Pes planus)

•Hand and wrist cysts (ganglion)

•Hallux valgus

• Hip impingement syndrome (femoroasetabularimpingement)

•Winged scapula

•Carpal tunnel syndrome

•Bone loss (osteoporosis)


•Cubital tunnel syndrome

•Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis elbow)

•Meniscus disorders

•Osteoid osteoma





•Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)

•Spinal palsy

•Heel spur (plantarfasciitis)



It is applied in cases in which peripheral and central nerve systems are damaged.

Neurologic rehabilitation should definitely be applied in neurologic diseases such as paraplegia that emerges as a result of traumas, infections, structural deformations, stroke revealed due to the circulation problem.

In which disorders neurologic rehabilitation is performed?

•Stroke (Hemiplegia)

• Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

• Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)


•Guillain-Barre” Syndrome

• Muscular Dystrophy

• Parkinson

•Balance Disorders


It is also called child rehabilitation. It is performed in order to minimize the physiological, anatomical and environmental limitations of children with restrictions or insufficiencies.

In which disorders pediatric rehabilitation is performed?

• Cerebral palsy

• Spinabifida

• Spinal injuries

• Musculoskeletal diseases

• Head traumas

• Gait disorders

• Spasticity treatment

• Brachial plexus injuries


Hand rehabilitation or hand therapy is not limited only with hand. It is a treatment approach which presents the physiotherapy and rehabilitation of the wrist, that of the elbow and that of the shoulder in a scientific framework.

In which disorders hand rehabilitation is performed?

·  Soft tissue injuries occurred in hand due to the accident or due to the impact

·  Soft tissue (tendon-chorda) cut

·  Nerve cut

·  Burn

·  Bone loss

·  Fracture and after the fracture surgery

·  Arthritis (Calcification and rheumatic diseases)

·  Cartilage injury and after the cartilage surgery

·  Individuals whose hand functions are affected due to the neurologic diseases such as stroke, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis

·  After the hand surgery

·  After the occupational accident

·  Painful situations related with the musculoskeletal system.

·  Connective tissue and tendon diseases and after their surgeries.

·  After the Lengthening Surgery (Ilizarov).

·  After the Nerve Impingement syndromes such as Carpal Tunnel and Cubital Tunnel.

·  Kienböck Disease.

·  Lunatum Avascular Necrosis.

·  Brachial plexus injury and after its surgery.

·  After the Muscle Transfer surgery.

·  After TriangularFibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) injury or tearing.

·  Guillain-Barré Syndrome.




It takes part among the methods used in the pain treatment. The application is in the form of the stimulation of the nerves being close to the skin surface by means of the electrical signals.

TENS treatment is applied by means of small portable instruments that usually works with batteries.

TENS instruments are extremely safe and it application is based on the stimulation of the nerve tissue being close to the skin surface by means of the electrodes being attached on the skin.


In the use of Interferential currents, low-frequency stimulating currents within the body are administrated without the problem of overcoming skin resistance. Interferential currents lead to ionic changes by influencing directly on the muscles and on the nerves. It stimulates lymphatic system. In the application of vacuum, mechanical stimulus makes massage effect; therefore, low-frequency current and mechanical stimulus increase their effects reciprocally together. Since the interferential currents take place within the body, it is not dangerous for patients. Since the current changes the direction continuously, there is no danger for burns. So, the loss of sense in the skin does not cause any obstacle when compared other currents. The dosage administrated into the deeper tissues is measurable.


Ultrasound is usually known with its use in medical imaging. The ultrasound waves used for imaging purpose is referred as “ultrasonography” or briefly as USG. The ultrasound energy can be utilized for the therapeutic purposes. Ultrasound therapy is one the mostly used treatment method in physical therapy. It reveals heating effect in deeper tissue and it ensures relaxing. At the same time it is used very often in many treatments also through its stimulating effect.


Its therapeutic effect arises by speeding up the lymphatic and venous circulation. Apart from this application, its massage effect has a characteristic of reducing/relieving the pains. It is commonly used in the treatment of pain, varicose and edema.


It is the procedure of applying the peloid (mud with thermal mineral) in various temperatures by the physician in terms of the purpose of the treatment and with respect to body regions.

The regions where the mud is applied; as it can be applied knee, shoulder, dorsum, neck, waist, foot, more than one region can be treated with mud according to the purpose of the treatment. In some diseases, mud application can be done to whole body. Applied temperature degrees; hot 40 to 45 Celsius degrees; warm, 35 to 40 Celsius degrees, cold 30 to 35 Celsius degrees.


---PRP (PlateletRichPlasma), namely Thrombocyte-Rich Plasma is a method used to stimulate and regulate healing in many areas of the medicine applied through the special kits being prepared from his or her own blood of the patient.

In which situations PRP is applied?

• Knee-joint calcification / knee-joint wearing (osteoarthritis).

• Meniscus tearing in knee.

• Anterior cruciate ligament and medial cruciate ligament injuries in the knee.

• Early-age cartilage wearing.

• Chronic tendinitis of the shoulder joint.

• Heel spur (PlantarFasciitis).

• Tendinitis of wrist.

• Tennis Elbow.

• Fracture healing problems (Non-union of fracture).

• In the treatment of stress fractures in sportsmen.

• Medial and lateral collateral ligaments of the ankle.

In which situations PRP is not applied?

·  In those with clothing disorders.

·  In those with lower thrombocyte numbers.

·  In those with infection in the region to be treated.

·  In inflammatory diseases.

·  In chronic hepatic diseases.

·  In those using blood thinning agents such as heparin or warfarin.

·  In those having known major malignant disease.

What is the benefits of PRP?

· It reduces pains.

·  It slows down joint calcification.

·  It improves joint functions.

·  In enables the damaged tissues to repair itself.

·  It is a natural and safe method.

·  Since the own serum of the patient is used, there is no allergy problem.


Ozone is a form of oxygen that very high energy. Ozone is colorless in room temperature having characteristic smell and it is a gas which can be felt after the stormy weather, in higher altitudes or on the seaside.

In İstanbul Medikal Termal; it is applied in three different manners such as Major Ozone, Local Ozone and Rectal Ozone.

Since it accelerates the cell regeneration, Ozone treatment which nowadays provides successful results Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension and Chronic Hepatitis, is a more effective treatment compared to classical physical treatment methods (heat, cold, electric currents, sound waves etc.) which are usually applied in disorders such as joint pains, calcifications, neck and disc hernias and fibromyalgia.

Particularly when a treatment combined with acupuncture is followed, pains are reduced in shorter times and persistent healing can be ensured.  By means of this treatment, cartilage tissues located in the joints start more quickly to a healing process, blood circulation accelerates, and unhealthy cells begin to a healing process with the recovering enzymes released by the cells.

In which situations Ozone Therapy is applied?

• In strengthening the immune system in cancer patients.

•In eliminating symptoms such as pain and insensibility occurring in circulation problems in foot and legs such as Reynaud phenomenon, Burger disease.

• In recovering the wounds seen in Diabetes patients and in hindering the weight gain related with diabetes again

•In rheumatic diseases

•In Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, asthma and allergic disorders

•In stress, fatigue, sleep problems

•In burns and injuries

•In viral disorders originating from hepatitis, Herpes, Zona, and HIV

•In the treatment of disc hernia

•In application for anti-aging purposes


It is a medical method applied in the diagnosis and the treatment of the diseases originating from the autonomous nerve system. Functional disorders of the autonomous nerve system underlie many diseases which cannot be treated by the classical treatment methods.

In the majority of the patients in which surgical intervention is performed and in those using medications, impairing areas can be found. Therefore, these areas should be searched in many painful syndrome being related with the autonomous nerve system.

The treatment effect lasts longer that the expected effect of the anesthesia and the repeated treatments ensure healing by discarding the effect of the impairing area.

Neural therapy is used in the treatment of which diseases?

• Neck, dorsum and waist pains

•Neck and disc hernias

•Knee, hip, shoulder pains

• Ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia

•Rheumatic diseases

•Circulation impairment in legs

•Facial paralysis (Facial Palsy), trigeminal neuralgia


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils via the administration through the respiratory tract or through the skin for the purpose of prevention, relieving the symptoms and that of treatment in the diseases, in the infections and in various disorders.

Clinic hydrotherapy is the use of essential oils and hydrolats for the medical and patient-care purpose in a hospital or in a clinic.

Here, we can mention for either aromatic medicine or the use of this medicine as a complementary method in the hospital service. It comprises scientific though, standardization and systematic approaches.

In our facility, Clinic Aromatherapy is applied in the form of Muscle-Energy Technique Application and in that of Clinic Aromatherapy Bath.

In which situations Clinic Aromatherapy can be applied?

• Fibromyalgia


•Muscle strain

•Sleep Disorders

•Stress management


It is a complementary treatment which can be used in the treatment of many diseases and which has a history of thousands of years.  According to the acupuncture method which its use has become common in recent years in our country, diseases emerge because of the impairment of the energy balance in the body. It is aimed to establish again the energy balance by inserting needles on the points determined as acupuncture points and it is claimed that the diseases are treated via this method.

Acupuncture which is accepted nowadays by the scientific medicine takes its place among the complementary medicine category.

Migraine and pain treatment, hypertension, depression and sleepless are among the common areas of use.


It is the procedure of use of the healing of water in physical treatment. Hydrotherapy is indispensable in all developed rehabilitation programs.

Water with thermos-mineral used in hydrotherapy applications only in our facility in Turkey is a treatment method increasing the exercise capacity and ensuring the development of the muscles and that of the heart and the circulation system due to the fact that it is twelve-fold resistive feature compared to air and with its buoyancy.

In which rehabilitations hydrotherapy is used?

It is extremely effective mainly in disc and neck hernia, in fibromyalgia, in diffuse body pain, in hip and knee pain, in sport injuries, in rehabilitation following the knee and hip surgeries and in neurologic rehabilitation (stroke and paralysis).


Nowadays, In-water exercises have become an important part of the physical treatment. Water decreases the weight of the patient in increasing ratio with respect to the water depth and the buoyancy prevents the loads on the joints and it facilitates the joints to perform the active exercises without forcing.

Water pressure decreases edema and it helps the blood to return to the heart. The viscosity of water provides resistance in all active movements and it helps to strengthen the muscles.

Furthermore, water decreases the risk of injury during the rehabilitation program, it relaxes the muscles and it relieves the patient.

Exercises in different positions can be performed to patients in in-water exercises. Moreover, in-water exercises increases cardiac capacity and balance coordination.


In the treatments performed in our traction pools which are first and unique in Turkey, the patients are taken into the water with thermos-minerals the weights are attached to the feet for the patients for the waist and to the arms of the patients for the neck. By this means, traction procedure is performed with traction tools.

or which disorders Waist-Neck Traction is applied?

• Cervical disc hernia (Neck hernia)

• Lumbar disc hernia (Waist hernia)

• Scoliosis (Curvatures of spine)

• Fibromyalgia

• Neck pain

• Dorsum pain

• Waist pain

• Straightening of cervical spine


Teknolojinin tecrübe ile birleştirildiği Inbody 120 ile detaylı vücut analizi (Vücut Kitle İndeksi, Ödem, Protein ve Mineral Miktarı, Metabolizma Hızı, Bölgesel ve Genel Kas-Yağ Oranları) yapıldıktan sonra kişiye özel beslenme programı ve Tedavi gören tüm misafirlerimiz için mutfağımızda konusunda uzman diyetisyenimiz tarafından ihtiyaca ve yaşam tarzına uygun olarak titizlikle hazırlanmaktadır.

Diyetisyenimizle yapılan düzenli görüşmeler ve eğitimler, hastalarımız tesisimizden ayrıldıktan sonra bile beslenme şeklinin sürdürülebilir olmasını sağlamaktadır.



Tuzla İçme ve Kaplıcaları, 12. yüzyıl Bizans döneminden bu yana insanlara şifa sağlıyor ve birçok hastalığa doğal tedaviler sunuyor.

Tuzla İçme ve Kaplıcaları, 1611 yılında Evliya Çelebi'nin yazdığı "Seyahatname" kitabı ile ünlenmiştir. "Tuzla İçmeleri A.Ş." 1927 yılında Türkiye Cumhuriyeti'nin kurucusu Mustafa Kemal Atatürk'ün emriyle bir şirket haline gelmiş ve günümüze kadar gelmiştir.

Tesis, geleneksel kaplıca ve detoks kürünün yanı sıra, modern hidro ve fizik tedavi uygulamalarının bir arada kullanıldığı, Türkiye'nin en önemli kaplıcalarından biridir.


Şehrin kalbinde, şehir stresinden uzaklaşarak, yeşil doğa ve temiz hava ile huzuru yaşayabileceğiniz bir yaşam sunuyoruz. Geleneksel spa anlayışı ile yenilikçi ve modern çizgileri birleştirerek yaşam kalitenizi artırmayı hedefliyoruz.

• İstanbul'daki tek Kaplıca ve Termal Kür Merkezi

• Sabiha Gökçen Int. Airport       : 14 Km

• Atatürk Int. Airport      : 54 Km

• İstanbul Int. Airport     : 78 Km

• Tuzla Train Station       : 1 Km

• Metro Station                : 4 KmDRINKING CURE

Drinking cure which is made from natural mineral healing water at certain days and doses affects health very positively. It is known that our drinking cure has direct effects on the gastrointestinal tract, gallbladder, pancreas and urinary tract through having indirect effects on metabolism.

Thus, while it helps in the areas such as decreasing blood glucose and cholesterol, passing kidney stone, increasing liver’s biligenesis, healing stomach diseases, enabling digestion, eliminating constipation, getting rid of enterozoa and extra kilos; it creates miraculous effects in skin health and beauty.


Your health is important to us. Our specialist doctors and physiotherapists in SPA Section provide support with alternative treatment methods such as massage and therapies to strenghten your body resistance and make you feel good spiritually.

Thermal Pool, Jaccuzi,  Turkish Bath, Sauna, Steam Bath, Massage Rooms, Salted Room and  Peloide Rooms men and women are being served seperately. Special Family Baths are designed to make your stay enjoyable and fun.


Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center also offers hydrotherapy treatment and 1120 m2 in size and has

• 1 Consultation and Check -Up  Room,

• 3 Doctor Examination Rooms,

• 1 Emergency Room,

• 3 Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Rooms,

• 1 Medical Fitness Studio,

• 1 Traditional and Complementary Medicine Applications Center,


Hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of physical disorders for the reason that it helps to reduce the weight of the joints and muscles and control the pain.

The exercises in water that is conducted by specialist physiotherapists and hydro therapists are used in order to treat many diseases and disorders.

Thermo-mineral water used in our therapy pools not only increases the effect of exercises, but also

enables to regain the precious minerals that the body lost through absorption.


You can increase the strength and flexibility of your muscles with the Pilates and Reformer exercises in our center where the equipment with state of the art technology is used.

You can improve your body capacity through activating core muscles in the fields of natural posture position of the body, durability, physical strength and overcoming disability.

You can enjoy living a healthy life by doing sports in cozy saloons in winter season and in greens in summer season with breathing the fresh air and you can also protect your body health and soul

stillness at İstanbul Medical Thermal.


After performing the detailed body analysis (body mass index, edema, protein and mineral amount, metabolic rate, regional and general musclefat ratios) with our In-body 120 that combines technology with the experience, your nutrition program suitable for your personal needs and lifestyle, prepared by our expert dietitians in our kitchen meticulously.

Regular appointments

and trainings with our dietitian each week provides a sustainable and healthy nutrition program.



Our rooms are fully equipped with supernatural architectural design and its spacious atmosphere provides high level of comfort for our guests.

Our hotel is designed with 2 blocks, 80 rooms and 160 beds capacity.  All of our rooms overook the spacious courtyard garden.

• 61 Superior Room

• 17 Deluxe Room

• 2 Handicapped Room


Yeni projelerinizin ve gelecek planlarınızın başlangıcı olacak etkinlik ve organizasyonlara ev sahipliği yapmak üzere tasarlanan toplantı salonumuz, sofistike teknolojik altyapı ve çözümleriyle sizi şaşırtacak.

Ayrıca özel organizasyonlarınız için 4.000 m2 yeşil alana sahip bahçemizde unutulmaz anlar yaşayabilirsiniz.

ALAN: 210 m2





TARİHÇE Tuzla İçme ve Kaplıcaları, 12. yy Bizans Döneminden beri insanlara şifa dağıtmakta ve birçok hastalığa doğal yollarla tedavi imkânı sağlamaktadır. Ününü ilk olarak 1611 yılında Evliya Çelebi’nin Seyahatnamesi ile birlikte geniş kitlelere duyuran Tuzla İçme ve Kaplıcaları, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti’nin kurucusu Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’ün emriyle 1927 yılında "Tuzla İçmeleri A.Ş." olarak şirketleşmiş ve günümüze kadar gelmiştir. Tuzla İçmeleri, Geleneksel Kaplıca ve İçme Kürünün yanı sıra, Modern Hidroterapi ve Fizik Tedavi unsurlarının bir arada kullanıldığı, Türkiye’deki en önemli tesislerden biridir. ISTANBUL MEDIKAL TERMAL Şehrin kalbinde kent stresinden uzak yemyeşil doğası ve tertemiz havasıyla huzur bulabileceğiniz bir yaşam sunuyoruz. Geleneksel kaplıca anlayışını yenilikçi ve modern çizgiyle birleştirerek yaşam kalitenizi arttırmayı amaçlıyoruz. • İstanbul’daki tek Kaplıca ve Termal Kür Merkezi • Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı : 14 Km • Atatürk Havalimanı : 54 Km • İstanbul Havalimanı : 78 Km • Tuzla Tren İstasyonu : 1 Km • Metro : 4 Km İÇME KÜRÜ Doğal mineralli şifalı suların belirli gün ve dozda kullanılması ile yapılan içme kürü, sağlığı çok olumlu yönde etkilemektedir. İçme kürümüzün mide, bağırsak sistemi, safra kesesi, pankreas ve idrar yolları üzerinde doğrudan, metabolizma üzerinde de dolaylı etkilerinin olduğu bilinmektedir. Bu sayede; kan şekerini, böbrek taşını, kolesterolü düşürmeye, karaciğerin safra yapımının artmasına, mide hastalıklarını iyileştirmeye, hazmı kolaylaştırmaya, kabızlığı gidermeye, bağırsak parazitlerinden ve fazla kilolardan kurtulmaya yardımcı olurken cilt sağlığı ve güzelliğinde mucizevi etkiler yaratır. TERMAL SPA Sağlığınız bizim için önemlidir. Uzman doktorlarımız, fizyoterapist ve terapistlerimiz eşliğinde Termal SPA Bölümü, tedavinize destek olmak için alternatif tedavi ve masaj yöntemleri sunan masajlar ve terapilerle vücut direncinizi arttırmak ve ruhsal anlamda kendinizi iyi hissetmenizi sağlamak için hizmet vermektedir. Termal Havuz, jakuzi, Türk Hamamı, Sauna, Buhar Odası, Masaj Odaları, Tuz Odaları ve Çamur Odaları, bay ve bayan olarak ayrı hizmet vermektedir. Bunun dışında karma olarak kullanabileceğiniz Aile Hamamları da mevcuttur. FTR MERKEZİ 1.120 m2 büyüklüğündeki Fizik Tedavi ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi, Hidroterapi Tedavileri ile eş zamanlı olarak hizmet vermektedir. • 1 Konsültasyon ve Check-Up Odası, • 3 Doktor Muayene Odası, • 1 Acil Servis Odası, • 3 Fizik Tedavi ve Terapi Salonu, • 1 Medikal Fitness Stüdyosu, • 1 Geleneksel ve Tamamlayıcı Tıp Uygulamaları Salonu, HIDOTERAPI Hidroterapi; suyun eklemler ve kaslar üzerine binen yükü azaltması ve ağrının kontrolüne yardımcı olması nedeniyle fiziksel bozuklukların tedavisinde kullanılması işlemidir. Uzman fizyoterapist ve hidroterapistler tarafından uygulanan su içi egzersizleri, birçok hastalık ve rahatsızlığı tedavi etmek için kullanılmaktadır. Terapi havuzlarımızda kullanılan termomineralli su, egzersizlerin sağladığı etkiyi arttırmakla kalmayıp vücudun kaybettiği değerli minerallerin emilim yolu ile vücuda geri kazandırmayı sağlar. PILATES & YOGA En son teknolojilere sahip ekipmanların kullanıldığı salonumuzda, Pilates ve Reformer egzersizleriyle kaslarınızın direnç ve esnekliğini arttırabilirsiniz. Vücudun doğal duruş pozisyonu, dayanıklılık, fiziksel güç ve sakatlıkların düzeltilmesi konularında, core kaslarını devreye sokarak vücut kapasitenizi geliştirebilirsiniz. İstanbul Medikal Termal ‘ de kışın ferah salonlarımızda yazın ise yeşilliklerin içinde tertemiz havayı soluyarak ve spor yaparak, vücut sağlığınızı ve ruh dinginliğinizi koruyacak, sağlıklı bir yaşam sürmenin keyfine varacaksınız. BESLENME Teknolojinin tecrübe ile birleştirildiği Inbody 120 ile detaylı vücut analizinin yapılmasının ardından ( vücut kitle endeksi, ödem, protein ve mineral miktarı, metabolik hız, bölgesel ve genel kas-yağ oranları) alanlarında uzman diyetisyenlerimiz tarafından düzenlenen, kişiye özel ihtiyaç ve yaşam tarzına uygun beslenme programınız, otelimizde konaklayan misafirlerimiz için mutfağımızda titizlikle hazırlanır. Diyetisyenimiz ile her hafta yapılan düzenli görüşmeler ve eğitimler ise sağlıklı beslenmenin sürdürülebilir olmasını sağlar. ODALAR Odalarımız, doğa dostu mimari tasarımıyla birleşen ferah atmosferiyle misafirlerimize üst düzey konfor sağlayacak şekilde donatılmıştır. Otelimiz toplamda 2 blok, 80 oda ve 160 yatak kapasitesine sahiptir. Odalarımızın tümü bahçeli ferah avluya bakmaktadır. • 61 Superior Oda • 17 Deluxe Oda • 2 Engelli Odası TOPLANTI ve ETKİNLİKLER Yeni projelerinizin ve gelecek planlarınızın başlangıcı olacak etkinlik ve organizasyonlarınıza ev sahipliği yapmak için tasarlanan salonumuz, gelişmiş teknolojik alt yapısı ve çözümleriyle de sizi şaşırtacak. Özel organizasyonlarınız için ayrıca 4.000 M2 yeşil alana sahip bahçemizde unutulmaz anlar yaşayabilirsiniz. ALAN : 210 m2 TİYATRO DÜZEN : 190 KİŞİ SINIF DÜZEN : 90 KİŞİ U DÜZEN : 70 KİŞİ BANKET DÜZEN : 130 KİŞİ
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